Retail Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers

By | February 21, 2015

A retail sales associate’s primary duty is to encourage the customers to make a purchase. In addition to guiding the customers and updating them regarding latest product features, pricing and specifications, the position might be responsible for handling cash registers, retail inventories and product organization.

Considering the interactive and outgoing nature of the position, an interview for the same can be quite challenging. The retail character of the position puts added pressure on candidates since the interviewers judge the candidate’s sales expertise based on the way they handle their interview.

Following are some sample questions and answers for retail sales associate interview.

Retail Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers

How do you get along with others?
I am a people’s person and generally get along in a team and with customers very well. Being a detail oriented person and an exceptionally good listener, people usually develop an instant liking for me

Explain an excellent shopping experience you had? Why did you enjoy it?
At a one stop store where I was looking for a hair cream once this retails associate came up to me and politely inquired what I was looking for. Then he guided me through the process of decision making so professionally and smartly guessed other hair related issues I was facing, that I ended up buying another hair nourishing product that I did not initially intend to and that too without any regrets

Tell us about one accomplishment at your previous work place?
When the store launched its cosmetics line, it was not a big success. I was assigned the section and I made some immediate changes. I changed the arrangement and showcasing of the section and even if no one would come near the section, I would stand around relevant product’s section and updated the clients about the new section in a convincing manner. Cosmetic sales kicked off unexpectedly after the section was assigned to me

How do you deal with customers getting impatient when staff is short to attend them?
If such a situation occurs, I talk to the customers and keep apologizing time after time for delay. They usually understand and wait. I believe what a customer least wants after entering a store is being ignored. Even if I can’t attend to all of them, I keep sending out small sorry for the delay/ inconvenience or please be patient, you’ll be attended to soon kind of messages verbally, and it helps a lot.

Why should we hire you?
(This question is an ideal opportunity for you to demonstrate your confidence and faith in your abilities)
I offer the right blend of customer service and retail skills needed by your firm right now to enhance your sales