Product Introduction Letter to Retailers

By | December 16, 2016

Are you launching a new product in stores you’ve worked with regularly, or a small business approaching a retailer for the first time? Tired of letter-writing monotony? Here are a few boredom-buster ideas to help you write a product introduction letter to retailers.

Big Things Start Small!
One page! Make this your Rule #1: Always try to put your letter on a single page. Retailers are swarmed with product introductory letters daily, a long letter has a better chance of joining all the missing socks in a parallel universe, than landing on the desk of the zone manager in a busy mall, or the store manager of a retail outlet.

Highlight the Benefits
Show the retailer how your product will be a good fit in their stores. Big retailers look at numbers, while one with limited customers; an upscale boutique or a neighborhood convenience store, wants to know if your product will appeal to their customers. Will they buy it?

Here’s a sample letter, hope it helps (trademarks and names are fictional):


Sample Product Introduction Letter to Retailers


December 16, 2016

Ms. Betty R. Purdy
Manager Commerce Services
Sam’s Mart
4494 Golden Street
Miami, FL 33176


Dear Ms. Purdy:

I am a frequent flyer to Miami, and after work I love to cook for guests. I always get the best for my guests, my favorite destination is always Sam’s Mart. I especially love the seafood section, and your patio furniture is just beautiful!

My name is Angela Hewton and I create personalized workout mats with inspirational designs. Since 2011, my Mativator® creations have been ‘mativational’ to 158,854 happy with their ‘mativational’ designs and quotes, and comfortable, durable, high quality material. Mativator® is a bestselling product at retailers all over Jacksonville, and we’re expanding our territory to meet the fast-growing demand in Miami. If you choose to place our product, your store would be the Flagship Mativator® outlet in Miami.

I would be delighted to drop off a few sample Mativator® mats for display at Sam’s Mart, and talk merchandising. I’ve completed the necessary steps of acquiring the D&B registration and GTN/UPC numbers, and will be happy to meet any other conditions you have for approving suppliers.

I believe my product will be a great addition to your Health & Fitness section. Mativator® is a vastly popular product, your customers will just love it.

Enclosed please find a Mativator® brochure and company profile. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to your positive response.


Best regards,


Angela Hewton
Inspired Fitness
4586 North Street
Jacksonville, FL 32003
(000) 987-2101
angela.hewton @ inspiredfitness . com