Classroom Holiday Party Letter to Parents

By | December 18, 2014

Holidays hold special places in our hearts; not only do we look forward to the holidays because they mean time off from school but also because there are holiday parties to enjoy. Many schools organize fun activities for classroom parties and it is all quite festive.

School administrators usually send out notices to parents if a class party is being organized. Sometimes, parents may be asked to volunteer to help teachers in organizing the details of the party. Whether a school invites parents to chip in or not, letters are sent out to inform them of the party and any special instructions are charted out in the letter.

A classroom holiday party letter will be written to provide parents with logistical information (date and time of the party) along with asking for their contribution. If a classroom holiday party has a theme, the letter may also detail this information and how the school would like the students and their parents to conform to it. A sample classroom holiday party is given below to give you an idea on how to write one.


Classroom Holiday Party Letter to Parents


December 18, 2014


Dear Parents:

Winter break is only four days away and our 4th Grade students have requested that we celebrate with a holiday party which they have affectionately coined “Classroom Holiday Party”. We would like you to join us in making this party a success for your child by contributing your efforts and providing a physical presence as well.

Classroom Holiday Party will be held on the last day of school which is Monday, December 22, 2014 at 3 pm. The students have sorted out the details of the menu; your child is required to bring 5 chocolate cupcakes to share with his / her friend at the party. If you have any party decorations that you do not need, please send them with your child to help him / her deck up the classroom.

To make this party more interesting, we are going to follow the Superheroes theme. Every child is required to dress up as his / her favorite superhero and it would make the children very happy if their parents dressed up too. However, dressing up is not a requirement for the parents.

Please RSVP to the school office latest by Saturday, December 20, 2014 so that we know the turnover rate. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Thank you,




Tamara Jacobson
Principal, Township Elementary and High School
8 Wisp Lane, Danbury, CT 89211
Office: (000) 999-0000