Christmas Party Letter to Parents (Sample 2)

By | December 14, 2014

Christmas is around the corner which can only mean one thing – PARTIES! School Christmas parties are very popular as they bring students together on a personal level (contrary to how they deal with each other in their predefined roles as students) and often involve parents too. Schools send out party invitations to parents to encourage them to attend in a bid to make their children happy and it is all quite festive for everyone.

Invitation letters to parents to invite them for a class Christmas party need to be simply written; details of when and where the party is to take place and any instructions pertaining to food or theme can be written in a Christmas party letter. It can be written by a school principal or a teacher depending on the chain of command. These invitations may be mailed to parents or handed to them in person at least a week or so before the party is scheduled to take place. Here is a sample Christmas party letter.


Sample Christmas Party Letter to Parents


Christmas Party Invitation

December 1, 2016


Dear Parents:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Please join us to celebrate Christmas at the school amphitheater on December 18. We would like everyone to gather by 2 pm sharp so that we can begin the fun as soon as possible!

Our Grade 6 students have been busy in decorating the amphitheater to give it seem like the sets of the movie Frozen. Much detail has gone into setting up Christmas trees and painting snowflakes on the walls. The students have even managed to build Olaf, the snowman! To keep their spirits high, I request you to follow the theme of Frozen when dressing up for the party. You may dress up as your favorite Frozen character or simply wear blue and white or silver clothes to blend in.

There will be a short performance by the students who will sing Let It Go, Love Is An Open Door and For The First Time In Forever. If you know the songs, please feel free to join them as this will encourage them to perform in similar activities in the future as well.

Also based on the theme of Frozen, lunch will be served right after the performance. The school is taking responsibility of food and beverage arrangements for students, parents and staff. We would appreciate punctuality as we want the event to be wrapped up by 6 pm.

We look forward to seeing you!




Anna Wallace
Class Teacher – Grade 6
Hayward Elementary and High School
6 Willow Lane, Follansbee, WV 29102
Office Phone: (000) 999-5298
Email: a.wallance @ hayward . com