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Parent-Teacher Meeting Letter Sample (Invitation to Parents)

As the New Year draws alongside, the new semester awaits to begin! For an effective, constructive, and successful schoolyear for all, these parent-teacher communications, colloquiums, and conferences are an absolute necessity. Teachers intend to discuss the semester’s goals and expectations with the parents. The parents are enlightened on the syllabi and the child’s learning needs… Read More »

Sample Letter to Parents informing about School Play

School plays are fun times for students and teachers alike. But parents also look forward to seeing their children perform in school plays or work towards producing one. Before a school play is held, teachers inform parents about it and what they require as input from parents – if any. The easiest way of communicating… Read More »

Letter to Parents about Upcoming Party

School / class parties are popular ways of engaging students in activities through which they can bond with their fellow students and teachers on a personal level. Some schools may want to include parents in class parties by inviting them to the event – others may simply want the parents to know that a party… Read More »

Classroom Holiday Party Letter to Parents

Holidays hold special places in our hearts; not only do we look forward to the holidays because they mean time off from school but also because there are holiday parties to enjoy. Many schools organize fun activities for classroom parties and it is all quite festive. School administrators usually send out notices to parents if… Read More »

Halloween Party Invitation Letter Sample

Overview One of the most anticipated dates of the year is October 31 – a day when you can scare the world and will not be judged for it! Halloween is a fun time for both adults and children. People dress up as their favorite scary (sometimes not so scary) character, carve pumpkins to make… Read More »

Sample Letter of Invitation for Guest Speaker

Specific protocols need to be followed when inviting someone to speak at an event. An invitation phone call may do the trick but is not considered formal. Writing a letter of invitation is less casual and gives the recipient time to think and prepare for the speech that he has been invited for.   Letters… Read More »