Letter to Parents about Upcoming Party

By | December 19, 2014

School / class parties are popular ways of engaging students in activities through which they can bond with their fellow students and teachers on a personal level. Some schools may want to include parents in class parties by inviting them to the event – others may simply want the parents to know that a party is being arranged and their child should be ready for a particular day.

To invite or instruct parents about an upcoming school party, teachers or administrators send out letters. These letters may serve as invitations to the event or as instructions on what each child is required to bring or dress up as. A letter of this sort will also detail which part of school the party is taking place in and the duration of the party if the date has been decided.

In a letter to parents about an upcoming party, school administration may just give a “feeler” about the party – a date may not have been decided yet or the school may want your child to prepare for a skit. Here is an example of a letter written to parents about an upcoming party:

Letter to Parents about Upcoming Party

December 19, 2014

Dear Parents:

Before winter break commences, Little Stars Preschool is organizing a party for all its students. This will mark the end of the term and will allow the little ones to mingle with each other in an informal manner.

The party will include small presentations from the students. Each student is required to learn his / her lines for the presentation. Your child’s lines are:

Winter days and cold and short. In winter, snowflakes fall from the sky.

Please note that the upcoming party is also a confidence building exercise which is why we would like you to attend to cheer your child on. The party and the preceding presentation will be conducted in an informal manner. To celebrate the winters, we request you to dress your child in winter accessories such as mittens, scarves, woolen caps and boots.

Details of the upcoming party will be sent with your child by the end of this week and a copy will be uploaded to the school’s web portal. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the school office.

We look forward to your attendance and hope that you enjoy the event as much as your child is enjoying preparing for it.


Best regards,

Celia Sullivan
Little Stars Preschool
19 Clooney Road
Danbury, CT 27272
(000) 363-6666