Divorce Settlement Agreement Sample

By | April 3, 2017

A divorce can be a hard time on either of the parties involved; it affects their children, and to no small extent, affects each party’s family and environment.

It is in these times where both parties need to forget their personal differences, and draft the terms and conditions of their divorce agreement with the utmost care.

A divorce agreement does not have to be a battle between both parties’ attorneys and can be mutually agreed upon civilly if approached correctly.

When drafting the agreement, it is good to speak to your lawyer to understand your rights, and how to make the agreement the most convenient for both parties and children, if any.

This agreement is added to a “Divorce file,” which usually includes all other related documents, such as alimony agreement or custody agreements. Here is a sample for your convenience:


Divorce Settlement Agreement Example


March 17, 2018


To Whom It May Concern

This letter has been written with the agreement of both divorce parties, (Wife Name) and (Husband Name), who will henceforth in this document be referred to as Party One and Party Two, respectively.

This letter is to outline the following terms and conditions to be put in place, after this divorce agreement is signed, until the further foreseeable time, unless needed to be changed following a new law, or the betterment of both parties, or the betterment of their shared children:

1) All debts have been discussed and mutually absolved within both parties and

2) Both parties will avoid any action that may harm the image of the other party in the eyes of their shared children, including verbal or physical acts.

3) The Property which is still in the name of the original party since before entering the marriage will remain in that party’s name as if the marriage did not occur. Any property bought after the marriage by either of the parties shall be equally divided on the basis of sale value.

4) The three shared children shall remain in the custody of Party One, and will regularly be visited by Party Two at least once a week for a maximum period of six hours. Please see attached Custody Agreement.

5) The Custodial Parent shall be responsible for all future decisions regarding the children, except for healthcare in which case both parties will decide an appropriate course of treatment.

6) Party Two will pay a monthly installment of $1000 to Party Two as alimony, and an additional $1000/child as child support (please see Attached Alimony & Childcare Agreement).

Both parties were in sound mind during the discussion and finalization of this agreement. No changes will be added, unless by court order and in the interest of the well-being of either party or their shared biological children.


Signature of Party one:___________________

Signature of Party Two: ___________________

Date: ___________________


Ryan Platt
Divorce Attorney
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