Sample Email for Sending Minutes of Meeting

By | April 17, 2017

Email is the standard means of communication in an office environment. Sending out an email to communicate official plans or just to send documents back and forth, is the norm nowadays.

One of such document that does the rounds through emails is minutes of a meeting. After a meeting has concluded, the person who has taken notes while the meeting was in progress, types the details and saves it in a document. And once this is done, this particular document needs to be sent out to whoever is entitled to it.

If you have been entrusted with creating and sending minutes of the meeting, you can quickly pen them down and send them through an email. Easy? Yes. Although, there is one thing that you must look out for when writing an email to send this document.

The chances are that not all recipients will have the inclination or the time to read the attached document. If you can put in some information about what transpired in the meeting (the details of what you wrote in the minutes), you will save the recipient’s time in many ways. If the recipient does not have too much time on his or her hands, he can read the excerpt or summary that you have provided in the email, and refer to the attached document when he can.

Here is a sample email for sending minutes of the meeting to an executive unit:


Sample Email for Sending Minutes of Meeting


Email Subject: Minutes of the Meeting dated April 11, 2017



Thisletter is concerning the marketing meeting that took place in Auditorium 5 on April 11, 2017, headed by Mr. Cale Cobert (Senior Marketing Manager of Vital Foods.). Please find minutes of the meeting attached to this email for your review of the event.

To reiterate what transpired in the meeting, please refer to the points which I have bulleted here:

Proposal for pulling down Maritime Marmalade from the market instead of its failure to bring revenue.

Review of current products that are providing the company with high revenues.

Introduction of 2 new grocery products (including washing powder and a Chinese sauce) to beef up the company’s image in the market.

Please refer to the attached document for details on these. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the content of the document, please feel free to contact me.



Renee Portman
Executive Secretary
Vital Foods

Attached: MOTM_April 11, 2017.docx