Sample Loan Application Letter to Bank

By | January 8, 2015

A loan application cover letter is usually addressed directly to the loan officer. In a letter of this type, you will need to express your wish to acquire a loan and convince the loan officer that you qualify for the loan.

A loan application letter may need some auxiliary documents enclosed with it. You will need to fill out a bank-provided loan application form along with a proof of employment from your employer if you want to qualify for a bank loan. Once you have both these documents, you can begin to write a loan application letter.

Your loan application letter should begin with the reason that you are asking for a loan – do you want to buy a car or a house? Or some land perhaps? Be honest here. Banks have systems in place where they can investigate what a clients is using or intending to use funds for so there is no point in being dishonest. You can refer to the sample below to get ideas on writing a loan application letter to a bank:

Sample Loan Application Letter to Bank

January 8, 2015

Mr. Elijah Jackson
Loan Officer
Harbor One Credit Union
534 Williams Street
Convoy, OH 17351


Dear Mr. Jackson:

As you instructed during our meeting at your office yesterday, I am writing a formal request for obtaining a loan from Harbor One Credit Union to fulfill my lifelong dream of buying a house. I studied the booklet with different loan plans that you provided to me and have come to the conclusion that Home Loan 23S suits me the best as it provides leeway of paying back on a bimonthly basis.

I have enclosed the filled out loan application to the best of my understanding along with an employment verification letter from my employer. I have applied for an account statement from my bank which will be issued to me at the end of this week. As soon as I receive it, I will have it dropped off to your office along with copies of the last 12 salary slips as you requested.

If there are any other documents that you need to process my loan application, please let me know on (777) 777-7777 and I will be happy to comply. Thank you for taking out the time to explain loan procedures to me yesterday.


Best regards,

Grace Logan
356 Freeway Road
Convoy, OH 26351
Grace @ email . com