Daycare Closing Letter to Parents Sample

By | October 5, 2016

Running a business or a facility like a daycare is difficult. As difficult is shutting it down, especially if a number of people depend on you for the services that you provide. But in the event that you have no choice but to close down, you will need to inform the parents of the children that you look after, that you have decided to close down. Some parents might not be too happy since their child care solutions are affected, but you have to do what you have to do. And one of the things that you have to do is inform all the people involved, before you shut down.

When writing a closing letter of this sort, you must detail why the daycare is being closed down and what will be the last day that parents can leave their children at the facility – that is, the last working day. If you have a daycare recommendation for them, do provide it in your letter. The tone of your letter should be apologetic – while it is your right to close down if you need to move away or you are running into losses, you are being depended upon by many sets of parents who trust you enough to leave their children with you.

Here is a sample that you can follow:


Daycare Closing Letter to Parents Sample


October 5, 2016


Dear Parents:

It is with utmost regret that we are announcing the closure of Little Rainbow Children Daycare, effective from December 1, 2016. Please note that November 30, 2016 will be the last day of this facility in operation.

We have taken this decision to close down after much deliberation and thought. Unfortunately, we have been unable to meet the state’s requirements for safety, although we have been quite diligent in providing our wards with the highest form of physical and emotional security. And the fact that we have not received a single complaint, highlights our ability to operate as we currently are.

Nonetheless, we cannot oppose the orders meted out to us. If any of your child / children’s belongings, including extra clothes and diapers, are with us, we urge you to contact us and collect them. Each child that we have had the pleasure to look after and nurture will always be important to us. We wish and hope that you will find satisfactory daycare arrangements for your child / children soon




Patrick Mason
Daycare Manager
Little Rainbow Children Daycare
252 Turnpike Road
Nottingham, NH 03212
Tel: (000) 547-1453