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Sample Labor Day Letter to Employees

Appreciating your employees, especially when a day dedicated to them is around the corner, is important. Labor Day is an event that all working people can appreciate and look forward to. It is a holiday, and many of us look forward to it for the whole year. And if you are an employer, it is… Read More »

Leave Letter for Sister/Brother Marriage to Manager

Guidelines ❖ Leave letters for sibling’s wedding are supposed to be formal and informative. You should keep in mind that weddings don’t fall in the exigency category. ❖ Try your best to send this letter in advance or headway. Make sure that it is simple and that it sounds courteous, and respectful and that it exudes politesse.… Read More »

Sample Letter to Boss Requesting a Day Off

It’s the dreaded ask-for-time-off letter isn’t it that landed you here? If I were your boss I’d say “go take care of it, I’ll cover for you.” And if I’m in a good mood I’d even give Mondays off, but I’m a rare being; I’m from the 1%. What I can do for you though… Read More »

Up for Award Nomination Letter Sample

In a position to provide a nomination to a deserving person in your organization? Well, then you should keep reading. When you are in a situation where your nomination counts immensely, it is best to do your homework first. How will you nominate a person? What will you write? Is there a form to fill… Read More »

Daycare Closing Letter to Parents Sample

Running a business or a facility like a daycare is difficult. As difficult is shutting it down, especially if a number of people depend on you for the services that you provide. But in the event that you have no choice but to close down, you will need to inform the parents of the children… Read More »

Purchase Order Letter Sample

Purchase orders are different from purchase order letters. In a purchase order, all you need to do is fill out a form to provide information on the supplies or equipment that you need to purchase. In a purchase order letter, you are also communicating niceties with the supplier or vendor. This type of letter is… Read More »

Leave Application Sample for Office

Once you have decided on the dates that you want to take off from work, you need to write a leave application letter. Leave applications can be written for many reasons including sickness and travel or even for a casual reason like wanting to unwind. A leave application needs to detail your reason for wanting… Read More »