Sample Letter to Parents informing about School Play

By | January 21, 2015

School plays are fun times for students and teachers alike. But parents also look forward to seeing their children perform in school plays or work towards producing one. Before a school play is held, teachers inform parents about it and what they require as input from parents – if any.

The easiest way of communicating with parents about a school play is to write a letter to them. Your reason for writing to them could be anything from informing them about an upcoming play to inviting them to the play. The first thing that you should mention in a letter is that a school play is being organized on a certain date – or a tentative one. You must inform the parents about which play has been selected and what their child’s involvement in it will be. If you have not yet chosen actors for the play, mention an audition date.

Depending on what your letter is aimed at, you can write details about costumes and props or talk about how you would like the play to be acted out. You can also ask parents to participate in preparations to give them a chance to bond with their children. Given below is a sample letter to parents, providing details of an upcoming play.

Sample Letter to Parents informing about School Play

January 21, 2015


Dear Parents:

Students of Grade 8 at Northern Lights High School are busy sorting out details of a play that they have adapted from Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities. The play is scheduled to be held at the school auditorium in three weeks’ time. We are holding auditions for the characters this week and would appreciate it if you would work with your child to help him / her prepare for his / her favorite character in the play.

Once all the characters are selected, rehearsals and prop making activities will commence and your help will be highly valued. If you have any piece of furniture or clothing depicting the 18th century, we would appreciate it if you would lend it to us until the last viewing of the play. If you would like to volunteer to work backstage, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

Please know that a lot of effort will be placed into organizing this play and any input from you will be deemed extremely valuable. We will be in touch with you regarding the dates on which the play will be viewed once all other details are sorted out.



Mia Mc Queen
Northern Lights High School
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Greenville, MI 77776
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