Vacating Property Sample Letter from Tenant

Driving tenants out of a rented property can sometimes become a difficult task. However, if your tenants are responsible people and follow the lease / rent contract that transpired between them and you, you should thank your lucky stars. And if you are at this end of the rope, you should be good enough to provide your landlord / landlady with a written notice of your intent to leave the rented property.

Letters of this sort are usually quite casually written. This is especially true if you have a friendly rapport with your landlord / landlady. You can simply write a letter stating facts including the date on which you will be vacating the premises.

When you vacate a property and give notice of your intent to leave, it is polite to provide a reason why you want to leave. It could be something as simple as finding a place nearer to your workplace or something more complicated like high rents that you can no longer pay. Whatever reason you write, be civil so that the transition period is smooth for you.


Vacating Property Sample Letter from Tenant


October 25, 2014

Ms. Annabelle Hewman
6833 Cullen Avenue
West Haven, CT 66110


Dear Ms. Hewman:

Please accept this is a one month notice of my intent to vacate 510 Bristol Street, West Haven, CT which I have presently rented from you. This notice is in accordance to the tenancy agreement made between us on March 29, 2010, a copy of which I have enclosed with this letter.

At the end of November, I will be moving closer to my workplace on Enright Street which is convenient for me. As of October 2014, I have paid rent in full and cleared all utility bills; I will be taking care of subsequent bills before I leave.

I will clean the house properly before I leave and try to restore it to the condition in which I moved in. There are minor repairs to be done – some chipped paint and a leaky faucet – but the rest of the house is as good as it was four years ago. If you have any cleaning or repair instructions that you would like me to follow, please provide them to me.

On my last day (November 24, 2014), I would like to meet you at the property so that you can evaluate its condition. If you could confirm a time to meet I would be very grateful. We could settle the return of the security amount when we meet as well.

I have spent four very comfortable years at 510 Bristol Street and it is not a happy feeling to leave it behind. Had circumstances been somewhat different, I would not have made the decision to move.

Thank you for your time.


Kind Regards,

Mary Cooper
510 Bristol Street
West Haven, CT
Tel: (111) 111-1111

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