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Vacate Notice Letter to Tenant due to House Sale

Being a landlord is not easy especially when you have to sell a house that you had initially put up for rent. However, if that is the case, you need to write a letter to the tenant to tell him or her that they have to vacate the property. This might not be too easy.… Read More »

Sample Letter to Tenant about not Reporting Leaks

Being a landlord is not the easiest of things. You may think that all you have to do is let the place out to a tenant, and then receive monthly rent. On the contrary, it is much more than this. Since the place remains yours technically, you have to make sure that the tenant does… Read More »

30 Day Notice to Vacant Apartment

Vacating an apartment is always a big deal you have to perform a lot of duties, especially packing and moving. But there is one more thing that you have to do before you pack your things and move out give notice to your landlord that you intend to vacate the apartment. This is usually a… Read More »

Sample Letter to Vacate Rental House

There can be many reasons for you to want a house that you have rented out to be vacated. Maybe you want it to be left because you want to sell it off, or live in it yourself. Or any other reason. But whatever your reason is, you have to make sure that you send… Read More »

Lease Termination Request Letter from Tenant

There could be many reasons for you to want to terminate your lease early. You may be in an awkward financial position and cannot afford a better or as good a place, you may have to move, or the rent may have been increased too much. In most cases, it is recommended to write a… Read More »

Sample Power of Attorney Letter to Sell Property

Sometimes, you can’t be there in person when you need to sell your property; maybe you’re in another country, or unable to do the work required. In that case, you can give your power of attorney to someone you trust to be there on your behalf. Be sure to read your state law, to see… Read More »

Tenancy Extension Letter Sample

So, it seems that you have grown to love the place you’re currently living in but the rent lease is about to expire. Don’t worry; all you have to do is send a simple Tenancy Extension Letter to your landlord, requesting to stay longer. First things first, go through your lease agreement, and see if… Read More »

Letter for Non-payment of Rent

There’s nothing that grinds my gears more than a tenant late in paying rent, especially, if the tenant doesn’t even inform you of the delay or give a valid reason. It’s something so rude and unfortunately, occurs very often. If you’re a landlord, then you probably experience this inconvenience a lot. You must have to… Read More »

Lease Termination Letter to Tenant from Landlord

Lease and rent agreements do not go on forever. Usually, a rental agreement is charted out with a particular time frame in mind and once the tenure is over, the tenants have to vacate the premises – unless an addendum for time increase is added into the original agreement. If you have had a tiresome… Read More »

Offer to Purchase Property Letter Sample

When you are interested in a property because it meets all your real estate buying needs and requirements, it is best to put in an offer to buy it as soon as possible. Any delays might mean the deal going to someone else. How do you make an offer in a professional manner? You write… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent to Sell Property to Tenant

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to sell your house to the tenant who has occupied it for some time, and not have to look for a buyer? Perfect situation! If your tenant has shown interest in buying the property, he may ask you to send him a letter of intent to show him… Read More »

Notice to Tenant to Sell Property from Landlord

As a landlord, you may want to sell the property that you have initially let or rented to someone. Your reason could be anything – maybe you need the cash, cut your losses or you just want to move to another city or state, making this whole landlord business difficult to pursue. Whatever your reason… Read More »