Car Loan Recommendation Letter Sample

By | April 3, 2017

Cars are everywhere! Whether you want a Maserati or a more economical Ford Fiesta, you might consider a loan, even if takes 144 months to pay back. I would back you on the Maserati though; I’d go for it myself, just because I can, back with the right recommendations that is.

Along with your pay stub and the standard documentation, you will be required to provide two references. However, make sure that you have the person permission before putting their names down for reference. Providing the lender with some references might just help things move smoothly, and more importantly, just as quickly.

In your letter be sure to describe how you know the person you are recommending, your relationship with them, how long you’ve known them, and anything that you know about them that could help with their application.

I for one would like to kick things off with the following sample; it may come in handy and help get things working.


Car Loan Recommendation Letter Sample


March 17, 2018

Mr. Robert Perdue
Car Loan Officer
Peoples Trust and Savings Bank
2830 Hiddenview Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Re: Recommendation Letter for Car Loan Proceeding

I am writing concerning application number 01234 of Ms. Shirley Axelrod who is looking for an auto loan from your financial institution.

Shirley and I have been colleagues for more than four years, and for the time I have known her, I can say that she possesses an upstanding character. I can confirm that she is currently drawing $___ on a monthly basis, which will make it easy for her to repay the loan. Moreover, all the official documents that were submitted by her are accurate to my understanding and have not been altered in any way.

Shirley is very disciplined and reliable with a high sense of integrity and bears a great deal of responsibility towards her obligations, which makes it highly unlikely for her to default on a payment.

I would recommend her for the intended loan and request that you approve her application. Please feel free to contact me at any time in regards to any ambiguity.

Thank you.



Daniel Hargrave
359 Cityview Drive
Easton, PA 18042
(000) 515-3674