Labor Day Holiday Note

By | October 8, 2016

Labor Day holiday is something that we all look forward to. While it may mean something completely different for some people, most consider it a holiday that they can use to enjoy voluntary confinement to their houses, or pay visits to recreational places. The excitement associated with Labor Day is almost electric, with people making plans, especially if the holiday falls on a Friday or a Monday! Since all government offices, schools and organizations on closed on this federal holiday, the roads are abuzz with people.

And if you are the person responsible for letting people in your organization know that they are getting a day off on Labor Day, well, you may be the most important and loved person in their lives – at that very moment at least! So, what is step one when writing a Labor Day holiday note? You need to determine the recipients of your letter. If you are working for a school and need to let parents know that their children have an upcoming holiday on account of Labor Day, your tone will be “academic” in nature. But if you are writing to a group of people in a company, you may need to use a professional approach. Either way, the content of your letter will more or less be the same.

You can tailor the following Labor Day holiday note to your own situation:


Labor Day Holiday Note


August 29, 2017


Dear Parents:

We would like to announce the Labor Day holiday that is falling on Monday, September 4, 2017. Please note that all academic programs and the school office will remain closed on this day. A copy of this note has also been uploaded to the school web portal for your convenience. Please view it on www. rosalindelemtary . edu and log in with your user credentials.

While school will be closed on Labor Day, we have arranged a trip for our students to the local Riis Park Beach Bazaar. This is not a mandatory activity – if your child would like to join in, please fill the enclosed consent form and return to us. This will be a supervised trip, with one teacher assigned to 5 students. However, we suggest that you place plastic name tags0 with your telephone numbers, on your children’s wrists for additional security.

Rosalind Elementary School will reopen on Tuesday, September 5 and will operate on regular timings.




Emma Ryan
Rosalind Elementary School
18 Lloyd Road
Decatur, GA 66388
Tel: (777) 777-7777