Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child Absence

By | December 6, 2016

School time must be taken seriously. If your child needs to take time off from school because of an illness, or even if you have to take him or her out of the city, you need to let the school know why your child isn’t attending school. While the latter situation is not looked upon with kindness where obtaining leave from school is concerned, there may be circumstances (such as a death in the family) which may warrant a leave.

Writing a letter to the school to inform them that your child will not be attending school for a day or a particular period of time is quite simple. Laying down the facts is all that you have to do. Write down exactly why he or she is unable to attend school and provide proof – if your child is unwell, a doctor’s note will suffice.

Mostly, a leave letter is written to the school administrator who then passes on this information to the teacher and other concerned authorities within the school. However, some schools may deem it alright to write one directly to the teacher. If that is the case with your child’s school, you can take ideas from the following letter sample:


Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child Absence


December 6, 2016

Ms. Amanda Kale
Mayfair Elementary School
525 6th Avenue
New York, NY 92021


Dear Ms. Kale:

My daughter, Maggie Herbert, who is a Grade 3 student at Mayfair Elementary School has been unwell for the past 3 days and unable to attend school. I had notified the school office about her absence last Thursday and was advised to contact you directly.

Due to the terrible cold spell that we have been experiencing, Maggie has been constantly coughing and has very high fever. Her doctor has prescribed high dosages of antibiotics and has advised complete rest for a week. I have attached the original doctor’s note with this letter for your reference.

Since exams are beginning in a few days, I am extremely concerned about that fact that she won’t be able to appear for them. I understand that these exams are being conducted simply to gauge how well the students have grasped concepts since the beginning of the term in September, but I am still a bit uneasy about her not being able to appear for them. If there is any way that she can appear for them at a later date, please do let me know.

As for now, Maggie will not be able to attend school for another week – I will keep you and the school updated about her progress.




Christy Herbert