Bank Authorization Letter for Cheque Book

By | December 9, 2016

Writing a bank authorization letter may be daunting, but you don’t have to feel intimidated by the bank’s shiny floors and faceless tellers. They aren’t as emotionless as you think. They understand the circumstances their customers have to face in the real world and they usually make special exceptions for them. It is always good to be on a first name basis with the bank staff, ask them about their lives and families. This will only make the experience for you better.

Tell Them Exactly What You Want
Be direct and precise. Give the bank your exact instructions and they will follow them to the letter. Literally. Your bank account is an important asset which neither you nor the bank can afford to lose, so do not give the person you are authorizing to sign your check book for too much power.

Find out the Bank’s Policy
Most banks are flexible and accept your letter but some are not. Ask your bank for their policies and work your way around them. Keep a sharp eye for where your bank’s policy clashes with state law. Find and secure all loopholes.

Keep it Short and Sweet
There’s no need for you to drag on and on about the wedding, vacation or the death, illness of the relative that is causing you to leave town, or whatever your reason is. The bank does and doesn’t care about you. It cares enough to listen to your request, but not enough to know the excruciating and unnecessary details.

Here is a sample bank authorization letter that you can tailor to suit your situation:


Sample Bank Authorisation Letter for Cheque Book


December 9, 2016

Mr. Johnathan Blanc
Senior Manager,
Sunrise Commercial Bank
3712 Pearl Street
Cleveland, Ohio 43116


Dear Mr. Blanc,

I am writing this letter to authorize my daughter, Machelle Chan, to use my checkbook. I am growing old and this is an easier way for us to handle my banking transactions and finances.

She will not be able to withdraw more than $2000 a month and no more than $500 per week. That is the money that I get from my pension, which I wish to give to my daughter and grandchildren, and these limits are to ensure that they last throughout the month.

Thank you for your cooperation and for always finding ways to make my experience with your bank more and more convenient.


Sincere regards,


Mr. Alex Chan Jr.