School Closed Letter to Parents

By | October 6, 2016

Usually, schools have all their holidays planned out in a term calendar, which is given to all parents at the beginning of a term. This is to make sure that parents are aware of the holidays that they are entitled to and that queries to the school office regarding this issue are limited. However, there are times when a school needs to close down for a day or two due to any reason – inclement weather or a certain change in the political status of the country are just a couple of these reasons.

In such an event, it is the school’s duty to write to the parents to inform them of their decision to close the school for a day or two. Such a letter would detail why exactly the school is being closed, and how the school intends to make up for lost time, especially if such an occurrence has transpired right before exams. It will also detail the dates that the school will remain closed on, and the date on which it will open, along with any changes in school timings.

If you are in the process of writing such a letter, make sure that you write in an eloquent way, so that anyone who reads the letter doesn’t feel the need to call the school office and ask for “further details”.

Here is a sample for you to look through:


School Closed Letter to Parents


October 6, 2016


Dear Parents:

Please be informed that all branches of St Peter’s School will remain closed on October 5, 2016, on account of an expected snowstorm in the Huron area. Since the safety of our students is of the utmost importance to us, we urge you to keep them indoors until the storm has passed and the danger has subsided.

We understand that giving a day off at this time when final exams are less than a month away, may be difficult on students who are banking on the school to provide them with guidance and extra coaching during school hours. However, we do not have a choice at this point, as we deem the safety of our students paramount. As far as studies are concerned, we will need to call them in on a Saturday to make up for lost time if needed; or put in a few extra hours for a few days.

Since it will be impossible for the school to send any more letters if the snowstorm does not subside in a day, we encourage you to check your emails regularly in case we need to contact you. If you require any further information from us, please feel free to contact us at (000) 251-4141 or info @ stpeters. com.




Paula Denver
St. Peter’s School
750 4th Street NE
Huron, SD 10298
(000) 251-4141
info @ stpeters. com