Letter to Parents about Christmas Play at School

By | December 4, 2014

Christmas is a popular time for annual school plays as it marks the end of an academic year. Many students spend endless hours preparing their roles for Christmas plays which are usually held a few weeks before Christmas. Christmas plays are usually organized for parents’ viewing; many students get to portray their acting talent through these plays.

Formal invitations or letters are sent out to parents to invite them to Christmas plays. The school administration or a dramatics teacher may be entrusted with this duty so it is up to them / her / him to write an interesting letter to parents, inviting them to this event. The content of a Christmas play letter will not just include date and time of the event but also why the play has been organized and students of which grades will be participating. It is virtually impossible to write names of all the actors in a school Christmas play but if you provide parents with an outline of which grades are participating, they will get an inkling if their child will be part of the play.

Below is a sample letter to parents about a Christmas play at school that you may be interested in.


Sample Letter to Parents about Christmas Play at School


December 3, 2014


Dear Parents:

It is that time of the year when we hold our annual Christmas play at Riverside High School. This year, our 8th and 9th grade students have been busy in rehearsing for A Christmas Carol, a story written by Charles Dickens and adapted into a play by our students. The play will be held at the school amphitheater on December 21, 2014 at 11 am and you are requested to attend to cheer the students on.

Adapting A Christmas Carol into a play was a very challenging job and the Riverside Dramatics Society has been working on it for five months now. They have managed to write the script and dialogues with great professionalism and we are extremely proud of them. The play was chosen after much deliberation to portray the greed that is so unnecessary at any time in our lives especially during Christmas and our students are very determined to get this message across.

Please refer to the enclosed list of actors (and characters) that have been cast in the play. The enclosure also includes information of scenes and the duration of each scene. We would appreciate it if you would attend this play to encourage the Riverside Dramatics Society even if your child is not part of the play. We look forward to a full house!




Janice Cole
Riverside High School
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(000) 999-1234
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