Employee Termination Announcement to Clients

By | May 29, 2015

The word “termination” has a bad connotation attached to it. There is no doubt that it spells trouble for the person it is intended for. It is taken for granted that when an employee is terminated, he has been fired due to a disciplinary action – and in response to something terrible that he or she has done.

This situation is much worse if the employee in question was in touch with a client at any time during his or her employment. Things can get tricky. In such a case, it is important to inform the clients that the employee has been terminated and provide a reason why. The dilemma remains – what to tell the clients and how much information to divulge. But some information must be revealed to the clients as it is their right to know.

An employee termination can come about for any of these reasons:

• Embezzlement
• Fraud
• Misconduct
• Bribery

So if any of your employees has indulged in inappropriate behavior which does not warrant a warning, you can terminate him. But once you have terminated him, it is important to tell all the clients with whom he was associated with as well.

What follows is a sample employee termination letter announcement to clients that might interest you:


Employee Termination Announcement to Clients


May 29, 2015


Dear Clients:

We are writing this letter to inform you that Mr. Henry Goodman’s (who was working as an account manager for Harvesting Fortunes) services has been terminated.

It was brought to our attention recently that Mr. Goodman was making unlawful trades in his assigned clients’ accounts and pocketing the differences. While we have identified these fraudulent activities in 3 accounts and we are in touch with the owners of the affected accounts to sort this issue out, we would appreciate it if you would look through your own account statements and see if there are any unauthorized trading activities. If you do come across any, please contact Ms. Prisca Jackson (Settlement Manager) on an immediate basis.

Please note that Harvest Fortunes has nothing to do with any of Mr. Goodman’s activities that he may indulge in after May 27, 2015. We advise you not to communicate with him any further and to alert the authorities if he tries to reach you.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this fiasco may have caused you and assure you that we are working on fixing loose ends in our system so that a similar incident does not reoccur. Please feel free to call us at (888) 888-8888 or email us at info@harvestfortunes.com.



Tina Rice
(Director – Harvest Fortunes)
8273 St. Germain Road
Saint Cloud, MN 88733
(444) 444-4444