Termination Letter to Employee Due to Misconduct

By | November 13, 2014

Professional environments do not tolerate misconduct from employees because it reflects directly on customers and is not good for other people working in the same place. Once professional misconduct has been identified, employers are required to send out a warning to the concerned employee. If the employee still does not change his behavior, a termination letter is issued.

A termination letter written to an employee who has not been behaving very well requires the employer to state the facts. There is no need to mince your words to make them appear polite – after all, the employee has done something unprofessional, and he needs to be handled accordingly.

Termination letters used to fire employees for misconduct should include the reason for termination and a detailed account of what eventually led to the termination. Given below is a sample of a termination letter of this type.


Sample Termination Letter to Employee for Misconduct



August 15, 2018

Mr. Caleb Knorse
2783 20th Avenue
International Falls, MN 63920


Dear Mr. Knorse:

Through this letter, we want to inform you of your termination from the position of Accountant at Euromoney. We have been observing your behavior for the previous six months and have come to this decision after deliberating on the following points:

  1. You have been leading clients astray by providing them with information on our competitor’s commission slabs.
  2. We have found several incidents where the petty cash that the company has issues to you is unaccounted for.
  3. You came to office intoxicated on three occasions despite being warned on the first occasion.
  4. You misbehaved with your manager.

Contrary to the assurance from your end at the meeting held between us last month that none of those mentioned above incidents will be repeated, you have been indulging in the same misbehavior recently. These actions constitute severe misconduct and warrant immediate dismissal.

Euromoney is proud of its reputation in the financial industry and has a solid base of good clientele that we cannot compromise on. Keeping this in mind, we have no choice but to terminate your contract with the company lest your behavior reflects negatively on our clients.

You are entitled to any outstanding remuneration that you may have up to and including the date of this letter. Please contact the human resource department for any further details that you may need to ensure that your dues are paid to you.



Kris Gardner
Manager Human Resources
Tel: (555) 555-555