Sample Termination Letter Due to Poor Attendance

By | November 13, 2014

Companies take strict disciplinary actions where tardiness is concerned. While some employees may not think so, coming to work on a regular basis and on time is considered a big personality trait. Employees who do not take too much time off are considered reliable and well-wisher for the company.

In case an employee is tardy with his attendance, an employer can terminate him after providing him a formal warning. As organizations work under strict deadlines, so any team member who does not conform is likely to be fired. Once a supervisor has warned an employee who has poor attendance, the employee is expected to be put under scrutiny. If there are subsequent attendance issues, the employer will have no choice but to terminate the employee’s contract.

If you are in such a position where you need to write a termination letter to an employee who has not been coming in to work regularly, you may get help from the following sample.


Sample Termination Letter Due to Poor Attendance


August 15, 2018

Mr. Eric Jacobson
Sales Representative
M & Co
20 E Utica Street
Oswego, NY 12236


Dear Mr. Jacobson:

This letter is being written to inform you of your termination as Sales Representative at M & Co owing to your poor attendance. We have sent you three written warning (copies enclosed) detailing how your behavior may eventually affect your work, but you have paid no heed to any of them. Mr. Leslie Neal (Sales Supervisor) has also spoken to you personally about your tardiness, but we have not seen any change in your routine.

Please understand that M & Co is a team environment and any team member who is not delivering his work brings down the efficiency of the entire company. Since you make it work barely three times a week, teamwork is not possible. We observed that the sales campaign that you were assigned to has not produced any results – the entire team was affected due to its failure.

It is my understanding that Mr. Neal offered you an unpaid leave so that you could sort out any issues that you may be facing which have resulted in poor attendance on your part. Your refusal to accept this offer confirms that you are non-serious to your work.

Please note that this termination is effective immediately. Mr. Neal will be with you after lunch so that you can hand over your tasks and any company information that you may have in your possession.



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Liam Bealson
Manager Human Resources
M & Co
Tel: (333) 333-3333