Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance

By | November 13, 2014

Organizations that are strict in upholding their standards in the industry do not tolerate poor performance. Employees are provided with solid training when they are inducted to avoid poor performance in the future. However, if an employee cannot live up to the standards that a company wants to maintain, s/he is in great danger of being terminated.

If you are an employer who has been disappointed with an employee’s performance, you may want to terminate their employment so that their bad performance does not come across as the company’s weakness. Dismissing an employee will require you to write a to-the-point termination letter stating what made you dismiss them, and how they could have affected the company negatively.

Here is a termination letter sample written to an employee for poor performance on his part.


Sample Termination Letter to Employee for Poor Performance


August 15, 2018

Mr. Johnathan Depp
Sales Representative
9183 17th Avenue
International Falls, MN 61220

Re: Termination of Employment Contract

Dear Mr. Depp:

During the two years of your employment as Sales Representative at Macy’s, your supervisor has assessed your performance five times. Each performance charted out that you are not performing as well as we had expected. Upon your supervisor’s insistence, you were provided with subsequent chances to prove your worth to the company, but it is unfortunate that you have been unable to meet your targets despite being given so much leeway.

A sales force depends on effective teamwork, and since you have been unable to prove your worth to the company, we have no choice but to terminate your employment with Macy’s effective immediately. Your demonstration and willingness to compromise the company’s standards are primarily responsible for this decision.

Please understand that under these circumstances, we will be unable to refer you to potential employers, so we advise you not to present our company’s name as personal references. You will be provided with a list of eligibilities that you have accrued over the previous year when you contact the human resource department.

To ensure a smooth transition, we request that you hand over any company or client data – that you have in your possession – to your supervisor upon receipt of this letter. You are entitled to gathering your personal effects from the office under the observation of your supervisor.




William Yates
Director (Human Resources)
Tel: (888) 888-8888