Thank You Letter to CEO after Meeting

By | November 29, 2016

Thank you letters can be written in virtually any situation that deserves appreciation. A thank you letter can be used not only to tell an individual or a team that you appreciate something, but can also be used as an excuse to reach out to them. Letters of these type strengthen bonds between people, especially when they are exchanged between professionals.

After a particularly insightful meeting, a thank you letter will pave the way for further professional meets. If you have been through a meeting which has taught you much or / and has been a great source of encouragement to you, a thank you letter is in order for sure. What you write in such a letter is your own will but we can provide suggestions. Depending on what the situation is, your thank you letter can show your appreciation at being taught something, or even the fact that you felt motivated by the meeting or event that you were a part of.

A thank you letter to a CEO for instance, will need to be courteous and professional, yet enthusiastic. How would you manage this? Write all that you want to but read it a few times before you send it to the CEO. Here is a sample that you can follow:


Thank You Letter to CEO after Meeting


November 29, 2016

Mr. Bruce Campbell
Granite Talks
6033 Dyes Road
Washington, WV 27763


Dear Mr. Campbell:

This is a shout out for the amazingly insightful meeting that you headed yesterday! I was constantly mesmerized by your vast vision and your business prowess throughout the discussion, and appreciate the fact that you involved all team members into the confab, making all of us feel connected and motivated to work in a more profound manner from now on.

Yesterday’s meeting was more than just insightful – owing to the information that you provided, and the corresponding question and answer session, I am now clearer about the objectives of the project that I am working on. Not only that, I am more motivated than ever to strategize activities and plans to obtain funding for Project Xpyre, the company’s pet project.

I believe that meetings such as this one provide us with great perception, both in terms of work and professional relationships, and I appreciate your decision to hold them more often. Thank you so much for taking out time from your busy schedule and providing us with direction when we needed it the most.




Michelle Rodrigues
Project Manager
Tel: (555) 555-5555