Business Meeting Request Email Sample

By | November 5, 2014

Arranging formal meetings or putting in a request for one needs formal correspondence. It is the courteous thing to do and saves a lot of problems that you would encounter if you invited someone verbally.

A verbal invitation may be cumbersome because the other person might have trouble remembering all the details and let’s face it, verbal meeting requests are hardly professional!

The best way to communicate your request for a business meeting is through an email. Emails are a fast way of communication and exchanging emails can make you, and the invitees understand the agenda and ask questions which can be answered immediately. An email requesting a business meeting may be sent for many reasons including:

✓ Making a sales pitch
✓ Business plan presentation
✓ Scheduling interviews
✓ Discussion of issues
✓ Making complaints

Business meeting request emails should include:

✓ A brief outline of the agenda of the meeting
✓ Date and place of meeting
✓ Approximate length of the meeting
✓ Request for confirmation of attendance

If you put this list in front of you, you will have no problems in crafting a business meeting request email. Here is an example of one:


Business Meeting Request Email Sample


To: Mike Banning

Subject: Request for Meeting

Dear Mike:

Since our meeting about the new Harpers Market sales plan last week, I have been contemplating certain angles which I would like to discuss with you and eventually your team. This new project (let’s call it Project X for reference purposes) is nothing like we have ever led before and will need careful deliberation at our end.

For the previous six days, I have been busy in creating a sales plan that I believe will prove to be effective once we launch Project X. However, I need feedback from a marketing point of view which only you can provide to me. I believe that once we get our heads together, we can come up with a successful way to launch it.

I have attached an outline of my plan with this email so that you can review it and prepare your comments and suggestions. If possible, I would like to meet with you on Monday, August 13 at 10 am in the Harpers Conference Room so that we can discuss this in detail. Please let me know if the date and time work for you. Alternately, you can suggest a date and time of your convenience for next week.



Sincere regards,

Filmore Grover
Director Sales
Harpers Market
Tel: (111) 111-1111
Ext: 111