Meeting Confirmation Reply Email Sample

By | November 4, 2014

Sending in confirmation is a business norm if you have been intimated to attend a meeting.

The easiest way of doing this is by sending an email to let the inviter know that you will be attending the meeting.


Writing a meeting confirmation reply letter is a kind gesture as it tells others that you are cultured and possess professional ethics.

Your intent to attend a meeting will hold importance as the inviter may want your input on the contents of the meeting, or your presence may mean some support.

Either way, it is your duty to inform the inviter that you will be attending.

Meeting confirmation emails are not standardized – the addressing part is taken care of by technology, and you can confirm your attendance in any manner you want to provide it has a professional tone.


An email of this type may also contain reiteration or confirmation of what you are expected to do at a meeting.

This information in a confirmation email will conform to the invitee that you understand the agenda and will provide your contribution.

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The following sample email for confirming a meeting can help you write one of your own.


Meeting Confirmation Reply Email Sample


Email Subject: Meeting Confirmation

Dear Mr. Jose:

Thank you for intimating me of the meeting about planning the next stage of Project Eat Healthy set on August 10. I am writing this email to inform you that I will be present at the meeting and will have prepared a report to present as well.

As I understand, the board would like me to present my ideas on how Nestle can work towards the success of this project from a marketing point of view. I have been following the project from the day it commenced and have gathered substantial information which I have put in a report. This is the report which I intend to present at the meeting tomorrow, and I am confident that it will be of great interest to all the board members.

I have completed and attached the questionnaire that you sent to me for review with your invitation. Please let me know if you would like me to do anything before the meeting that may help edge things on.

I look forward to meeting all the board members and anticipate a positive outcome as far as Project Eat Healthy is concerned.

Thank you.



Felicity Harper
Director (Marketing)
25 New Street
San Jose, CA 25411
(000) 965-8545