Summer Training Confirmation Letter Sample

By | April 28, 2016

Confirmation letters are often issued to people who have completed internships or trainings in a particular organization, to endorse that they have actually taken training and are ready for work in the real world. This type of letter is usually issued at the end of the training period as it reflects an individual’s abilities (in not too much detail) and the fact that he really has taken training in a specific area.

Summer training confirmation letters may be written to provide an academic institute or a company with information on what type of training the individual gained, and how well he responded to the testing procedure to which he was subjected. Confirmation letters may not be deemed as references, but many organizations do judge candidates on how well their confirmation letter is written.

If you are writing a summer training confirmation letter, it is imperative that you first determine what the letter is going to be used for. Usually, a letter of this sort is headed To Whom It May Concern. However, if the subject of the letter has to send it to a particular individual or company, he may ask you to address it to a particular person. But since training confirmation letters are sent to many places (educational institutes or companies) at the same time, it is actually alright to begin with a To Whom It May Concern header.

What follows is a template for a summer training confirmation letter that you can use:


Summer Training Confirmation Letter Sample


April 28, 2016


To Whom It May Concern

This is to confirm that Susan Moor was enrolled in the Business Communication internship at City University for 3 months i.e. between May 2015 and August 2015. During her tenure, she obtained real time training in the following areas:

• Effective Communication in Business
• The Process of Business Communication
• Effective Communication Principles
• Business Letters and Reports
• Oral Presentation
• Use of Modern Electronic Gadgets
• Communication Delivery Models

These courses are designed to train individuals in handling effective business communication procedures, with special focus on encouraging persuasive messages and ethical writing, along with ensuring that trainees understand the importance of oral presentations and communication. We confirm that Susan Moor has attended all the courses diligently and comprehends the principles of each – the accompanying grade report suffices to provide insight into her comprehension of concepts.

I wish Susan luck for all her future endeavors in finding and retaining associates positions, and am available for comment should the need arise.



(Walter Turner)
Business Communications Instructor
The Masters of Communication
852 Perrotta Street
Burlington, VT 10292
Tel: (000) 444-1012