Warning Letter to Tenant for Cleanliness

By | February 27, 2017

While a sensible landlord is always perturbed with keeping the premises of the rental-unit in the best condition, unfortunately, most people aren’t concerned; being concerned about this issue isn’t even in their to-do lists! Whether you just noticed that your rental-unit looks exactly like the one in Neon Demon, or that your lawn is like a jungle; the conditions of amateurish cleanliness and maintenance will modify the chances of finding future tenants.

If you’re aware that a tenant is not maintaining his/her premises, sending a kind mnemonic of cleanliness and maintenance requirements, according to the lease-agreement can resolve this problem! The notification will inform them that they’re not in accordance with the agreement they signed, professionally and decently; and will also give them the chance to fix the place up.

These letters are totally customizable, so you can easily signify the problems without hesitation. To sound more professional, tell them that you’ll inspect the unit, and if they’re not following, then eviction or removal.


Sample Warning Letter to Tenant for Cleanliness


Tom Bradley,
Safe Meadows

February 26, 2017

Ms. Nora Cooper,
Safe Meadows
1476 Hayhurst Lane
Southfield, MI 48075


Dear Ms. Cooper:

It is to be enunciated that for the past month I’ve been looking at your side of the unit and it is in an unkempt condition; this letter plays the role as a notification that you are in violation of your lease due to substandard conditions of the leased premises.

According to the rental agreement you signed, I have evidence to believe that you’re not keeping or maintaining your rental premises in a clean, pristine, hygienic, or safe manner; as is indispensable for you to do, following the lease agreement. You are not maintaining your front lawn; it looks like the area is a deserted island. You are not regular in disposal of garbage-bags; which causes a fusty and malodorous smell in the entire rental unit, and your front door is filled with wrappers and soda-cans.

Keeping the place clean and well-maintained is really important and essential for producing a healthy human interactional environment. I expect your full cooperation and participation in seriously solving this matter. I will inspect all the rental premises in my rental unit come Monday, and will follow up with you while inspecting your leased-premises.

Thank you for your consideration, I am looking forward for a good response from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (000) 542-9656, if you have further questions or inquiries.




Tom Bradley