Warning Letter to Tenant for Pets

By | February 25, 2017

No matter how much you love animals: furry or funny, slimy or slithering, four-legged or two-legged, scaly or feathered, you certainly don’t want them in your rental-unit. If a signed rental documentation expressively states the prohibition of pets, and you find them on your property, you’ll have to let the tenants know, in no speculative words, that the lease has been violated by them.

Unauthorized pet lease violation is a straight-to-the-point document which indicates to the tenants that you’re aware of an unauthorized animal living in your property, which is a contravention; and the pet must be removed. Failure to follow your rules will lead to eviction from the property and further court/attorney fees.

These letters are fully-adjustable, so you can write it however you want it, and if your heart easily melts by those puppy dog eyes, you can also give an option of letting the pet stay provided an increment on rent, and proper arrangements/facilities for pet care, a responsibility to be borne by the tenant of course. You might even want to revise the rent agreement in that case. Use this sample below, and you’re good to go!


Sample Warning Letter to Tenant for Pets


February 24, 2017

Ms. Tanesha Bailey
4556 Cessana Drive
Durand, IN 61024,


Dear Ms. Bailey,

It is to be stated that I found an unauthorized pet named Fluffles strolling on my property, so this letter is a notification to you that you are in violation of your lease agreement terms. We are aware of your cat, and pets are allowed only with the written permission of the landlord.

As you are clearly in infraction, the pet must be removed from the premises within 3 days. Non-fulfillment of the removal of the pet will result in your eviction and dispossession from the property, and may lead to further additional court and attorney fees.

As you have been a trustworthy tenant who never delayed rent, I thought that I could give you my documented permit authorizing Fluffles to live on the property; only on the condition that your monthly rent will be increased. Furthermore, you will have to follow strict measures on how to keep the premises clean, keep Fluffles in check so as to not cause your neighbors any inconvenience, and manage and keep clean an approved cat litter.

Your full co-operation will be appreciated in this situation. I have also sent a copy of the agreement we signed. I hope that you understand my concerns, and I am looking forward to a positive response from you.

If you have any questions or distress, feel no hesitation to contact me for resolution.



James Hertel
Safe Estates