Sample Recommendation Letter for Friend

By | February 26, 2017

Sporadically, a friend, relative, family-member or someone you may know might ask you to right a recommendation or reference letter for him/her. Some especially need recommendation letters if it is their first job, and they have the potential but haven’t had the chance to show word experience that is quintessential.

To write such a letter, first ask your friend about the details of their job. Once you know those; relate qualities your friend has matching that job description. Ask your friend to give you a copy of their résumé, so that you could speak directly about their experience and expertise. Briefly, mention how you met your friend, and how long you’ve been friends; or have known each-other.

Signify specific examples of your friend’s work that illustrate their qualities; add in some memories. The basic purpose of writing this letter is the element of positivity, as your friend could use every bit of support in the arena. Emphasize on the good, add in his/her positivity throughout the beginning and the end! Don’t forget to provide your contact information, so that they could talk to you if they needed to.


Sample Recommendation Letter for Friend


February 26, 2017

Mr. Arthur Shelby
Design The Way
1932 Bingamon Road
Warrensville Heights, OH 44128


Dear Mr. Shelby:

This letter is in regards to William Comb who has applied for Office Manager position at Design The Way. Personally, and professionally, I’ve known William for almost 7 years, and I have always known him to be an organized, methodical, and a highly responsible person. I believe, for sure, that his experience and expertise make his candidacy as office manager befitting in your leading-edge organization.

I met William when we were working together in a fashion design center, where he was responsible for accounting, bookkeeping, making appointments with other exclusive companies; I was his coworker. He was really pleased and grateful for his work position, and would help everyone in need of help, he even developed and managed several business proposals and events, which were a great success.

I found William to be keenly perceptive of trends, often predictive even, and this has placed him in many responsible roles in quite a few fashion houses and boutiques. William has contributed loads of time and efforts on making things perfect and has helped raise 35% more funds and sales for the fashion design center. Most of this is due to these successful proposals and programs he designed and implemented. His dreams and creative ideas, joined together with his administration and management skills, can be an asset to any organization.

If you wish to know anything else about William Comb, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Michael Davis,
Assistant Manager
Paint It All

(000) 785-7414