Business Meeting Request Email Sample

Arranging formal meetings or putting in a request for one needs formal correspondence. It is the courteous thing to do and saves a lot of problems that you would encounter if you invited someone verbally. A verbal invitation may be cumbersome because the other person might have trouble remembering all the details and let’s face… Read More »

Payment Not Received Email Template

Getting clients to pay debits in their accounts or for services already rendered to them is one of the most difficult things to do! Clients are notoriously famous for giving you the slip when it is pay-up time so it is up to collections personnel to devise ways to get clients to pay. An effective… Read More »

Acknowledgement Letter Sample Payment Received

Once you have received a payment from a customer for a product that you have sold or a service that you have rendered, it is important to acknowledge it. The best way to do this is to write an acknowledgement letter to the customer. An acknowledgement letter for a payment received will serve two purposes… Read More »

Thank You for Your Order Letter Example

Gaining patronage is one of the most important things for any company. Customers make companies a success so it is important to indulge in activities that will ensure their patronage and loyalty to your company. You might deem your work done once a customer has bought what he is looking for but in actuality, this… Read More »

Thank You for Donation Letter Sample

Once you have successfully acquired the donation you needed for a cause you are furthering, it is time to say thank you to the donor. It is often easy obtaining donations from donors once you have explained the cause to them but it is difficult to maintain a liaison with them once your work is… Read More »

Request for Donation Letter Sample

Obtaining funds for a particular cause or project may be one of the most important things that you have to do to ensure its success but it is quite difficult. Convincing people or organizations to release money is challenging especially when your cause or project has an unknown success rate. The best way to request… Read More »

Sample Termination Letter due to Absenteeism

Some official letters must be written despite the fact that writing them is an unpleasant task. This goes especially for termination letters where you need to inform an employee that his services are no longer needed. While terminating someone seems a bit harsh, some circumstances leave us no choice but to ask an employee to… Read More »

Request for Promotion Letter Sample

So now that you have achieved much at work following a rigorous five year term working at the same position, it is time to ask for a promotion. Promotion requests are awkward owing to the fact that you are asking for a raise in status and pay based on how you perceive you have done.… Read More »

Employee Promotion Letter Sample

One of the most anticipated communication in the world is a promotion letter! We work hard for years – receiving a promotion letter makes it all worth it! A promotion letter might give an employer the same (well, almost) amount of happiness as an employee as the former may have wanted to see the latter… Read More »

Price Negotiation Letter to Customer

Where there are customers, there is price negotiation especially if the product or service in question is a high bid. Once you provide a customer with a quote, you are sure to get some resistance and subsequent requests for negotiation. If you know your work thoroughly, you will have given a quotation that has room… Read More »

Meeting Confirmation Reply Email Sample

Sending in a confirmation is a business norm if you have been intimated to attend a meeting. The easiest way of doing this is by sending an email to let the inviter know that you will be attending the meeting. Writing a meeting confirmation reply letter is a good gesture as it tells others that… Read More »

Sample Letter of Invitation for Guest Speaker

Certain protocols need to be followed when inviting someone to speak at an event. An invitation phone call may do the trick but is not considered formal. Writing a letter of invitation is less casual and gives the recipient time to think and prepare for the speech that he has been invited for. Letters of… Read More »