Apology Email for Not Coming to Work

By | April 24, 2017

If you have missed work without notice, then you must write a letter or email to your boss to apologize.

If you don’t mind some personal advice, please try to notify the office with a brief text, a call even, as soon as the incident occurs, to make sure you cause the least inconvenience as possible and then follow with a proper apology letter with a detailed explanation.

Of course, circumstances can put you in a situation where you cannot do that sometimes. In that case, do mention why you couldn’t contact them before your absence.

If there is one thing that employers and managers are tired of, that would be excused. So, do not begin your letter with an excuse to brush off the blame from yourself, instead, start with a humble apology, and go on to explain the circumstances of your absence without blaming anything other than yourself. That shows that you are responsible enough to admit when it is your fault.

If there was a medical emergency or a family death, make sure you enclose some proof in your letter as just saying you were at the hospital without sending a doctor’s note brings on skepticism. Here is a sample letter to assist you:


Sample Apology Email for Not Coming to Work


March 17, 2018

Ms. Kristina Link
Department Head
Forman & Co.
1051 Lilac Lane
Savannah, GA 31405


Dear Ms. Link:

I sincerely apologize for not coming to work yesterday, March 16, and for any inconvenience that my absence caused you, the company or my colleagues and department members. I understand the concern of being absent without any prior notification, and I accept full responsibility for the same.

As you know, this is the first time I have been absent without notice or a formal leave, and I usually do not display unprofessional behavior. It is not an excuse, but, an explanation of why I was unable to contact you at all yesterday. I had gone for a morning hike in the woods near my house where I fell and dislocated my shoulder. I went to the hospital where my shoulder was reduced, only to find out that during the fall I had lost my cell phone, which contained all important work numbers, including yours, in the woods. By the time I was done at the hospital and found my phone on the hiking route, it was already 4:00 pm, which was no time to come to work. I understand that if I had forgotten my phone and came straight to work from the hospital, I wouldn’t have missed an important day at work.

Again, I apologize for any stress or hindrance my absence has caused. I have already begun catching up on the work I missed, and you will have it on your desk later today. Please understand that this was a one-time occurrence, and you will not hear of any such instances in the future, and I will be sure to communicate more efficiently should any emergency arise.

Enclosed please find the doctor’s note and medical reports. Thank you for your time and patience.


Warm regards,

Johana Blake
HR Generalist
1590 Green Avenue
Savannah, GA 31404