Apology Letter to Boss for Absence without Notice

By | December 7, 2014

Absences without notice leave a very bad taste in an employer’s mouth that may be depending on your availability to meet a deadline or manage an important client. You will be surprised to know how many employers understand when it comes to taking time off from work but uninformed absences are certainly not appreciated.

However, if you have recently been in a situation where you were absent without providing prior notice, it is time to apologize to your boss. In an apology letter, simply write what motivated you not to provide notice and how this has made you learn to be more conscientious in the future. You would need to choose proper words to express your regret and ensure that your letter has a formal tone.

An apology letter sample to a boss for absence without notice follows:


Apology Letter to Boss for Absence without Notice

 December 7, 2014


Mr. Boris Tatum
Executive Director
Brighton Business College
773 Brayton Road
Brighton, MA 20292


Dear Mr. Tatum:

I apologize for taking yesterday (December 6, 2014) off without prior intimation. I found myself in a situation that rendered me unable to call or send an email to inform you that I will not be coming in to work.

As I was about to leave home for work yesterday, my wife went into a heart stroke and I had to rush her to the hospital immediately. What followed was almost 18 hours of intense stress owing to the complications that arose from her heart stroke. Due to the emergency situation that transpired, I forgot to take my cell phone with me to the hospital which had your number in it (since you were travelling yesterday, I could not inform you of my absence at your work number).

You are aware that I am an extremely responsible individual and do not usually display negligent behavior. However, the circumstances that transpired yesterday left me no choice but to make it appear as if I was irresponsible – I genuinely apologize for that. If you would like, I will ask someone from the office to email to me anything that may be of urgent nature and I will complete it as soon as I return home today. My wife will remain in the hospital for some more days. I have made arrangements for my sister to look after her so I will be reporting to work on time tomorrow.

Thank you for understanding my predicament.



Daniel Hobson
Emp # 2141
(444) 000-0000