Apology Letter to Boss for Misbehavior

By | December 6, 2014

Saying sorry to your boss is nerve-wracking.

Likewise, admitting your mistake through a letter is even more so as you end up putting yourself in a situation where there is a lot of explanation might be required.


However, if you have misbehaved with your boss, it is time to apologize in a positive manner.

Instead of a verbal apology which may just earn you more scorn, write a letter to your boss explaining what led you to be rude to her and how much regretful you are.

Many situational factors may force you into misbehaving, but you must understand that it is better to control your emotions than flaring up, especially at your boss.

Remember that your boss has the authority to fire you or take other disciplinary actions and you don’t want to be put in either of these situations.


Writing an apology letter to your boss will entail preparing yourself first.

How will you begin the letter?

What will you say?

While each independent situation will require separate ways in which you deal with this, you can refer to the following apology letter sample to get a general idea.


Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Misbehavior


Jennet Josh
Financial Advisor
McGraw Hill Financial
(000) 999-5454
[email protected]

June 8, 2019

Ms. Kylie Watson
Director of Finance
McGraw Hill Financial
65 E Park Street
Hobbs, NM 87554


Dear Ms. Watson:

I genuinely apologize for acting in the wrong way at the office yesterday. I understand that McGraw Hill Financial has strict policies where personal remarks are concerned – I admit that I crossed the limits.

My behavior disgraced the respect that your company and all the people working in it deserve, and I am very ashamed of making that remark. In all honesty, I did not want to hurt anyone’s feeling. I was merely trying to get my point across – but my choice of words was very poor. I am aware of the fact that you were deeply hurt (and possibly very angry) by my well-meaning yet crass words and I assure you that nothing similar will ever happen.

I respect┬áthe entire staff of McGraw Financial and would never attempt to hurt anyone intentionally. The office edicts a team environment, which I would never want to spoil or compromise by saying offending things. Please accept my apologies and rest assured that I am working very hard to ensure that a similar incident doesn’t happen again.



[Sign Here]

Jennet Josh
Financial Advisor
Employee No: 5412