Apology Letter to Boss for Not Completing Work

By | December 7, 2014

Should you write an apology letter to my boss every time you miss a deadline? The answer is yes! The reason is simple. Your boss is depending on you to complete work within a deadline and if you cannot manage to do this, you are costing your boss a lot of grief. The least you can do is write an apology letter for not completing your work on time.

The most important thing in an apology letter is to identify the problem. You need to make it evident that you understand what happened and not put the blame on someone else or technology. Admit your mistake and tell your boss that you are looking into making sure it doesn’t happen again. The trick is to seriously show contrition and avoid deflecting responsibility. Here is how you can express your regret for not completing work in an apology letter:


Apology Letter to Boss for Not Completing Work


December 7, 2014

Ms. Natalie Pole
Marketing Manager
Yolanda Retail Services
1919 Roswell Road
Florence, SC 88272


Dear Ms. Pole:

I am very sorry for disappointing you by not completing Module T for Project Trend within the deadline that was set for me. I know that you were depending highly on the infusion of Module T into the project before the end of this week and it must have been a complete downer not being able to do this.

There is no excuse that I can provide that will justify my failure in meeting my obligations. I had tried very hard to make sure that I delivered the module to you on time but a pending research report made this impossible. An important part of this module is the research report on which I have been working since you provided me with a deadline but unfortunately, I was unable to find pertinent information. Since I did not want to forward the module without complete information, it ended up in my failure to meet this deadline.

In order to ensure that anything similar doesn’t happen again, I have decided to enlist help from an external source if there is need for research work. This will assist me in completing the work on time especially where tight deadlines are concerned. Please rest assured that I am still working on Module T diligently (Saturday will be a working day for me) and you will have it in your mailbox before office begins on Monday.

I apologize once again for this failure and assure you that this will not be a repeat occurrence.



Candace Craig
Project Assistant
(000) 000-0000
candace @ email . com