Apology Letter to Teacher for Late Homework

By | February 19, 2017

It is only natural for someone to be late handing in a homework assignment. In fact, it can even happen to the best students. Things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes there can be an emergency or maybe you forgot. Anyhow, whatever caused you to submit your homework late; I am glad you took the initiative to apologize to your teacher by coming here.

Since you’re writing to a teacher, and teachers should hold quite a degree of respect, your letter must have a polite tone, and it should get straight down to the facts. You should also include an action plan for the future, to make sure that this does not happen again, because frankly, no one believes it when you just write, “It won’t happen again, promise”.

Start by apologizing for being late in your first paragraph, then continue by explaining how you plan to change in the future, and conclude with a plea to your teacher that they still accept the assignment. Here’s is a sample to help you out:


Apology Letter to Teacher for Late Homework


Greg Terrence
Student Grade-8

February 19, 2017

Ms. Elaine Smith
Biology Teacher
Bridgeway High
55 West Street
San Diego, CA 52144


Dear Ms. Smith:

I am writing to apologize for how late my latest homework was. I cannot thank you enough for still accepting it, even though it was well past the deadline. Because of that, I was able to keep my GPA intact. I am lucky to have an understanding teacher like you who has taught me so well that I am now able to major in this subject in collage.

The reason I had given my assignment in late was because my brother was recently diagnosed with a disease that causes the long-term degeneration of motor nerves. I was severely shocked by this, and I became withdrawn from my school work and from my friends. However, I found my way back, and the first thing I did was catch up on my assignments.

I know I have been slacking in class lately; however, I have now realized that the only way I can do any good to my brother is by living a normal life, and working hard so that he does not feel guilty. I promise that this will be the first and last late homework assignment I will hand over to you.



Greg Terrence