Letter of Complaint for Missing Goods

By | January 30, 2017

Nothing can spoil the excitement of ordering something, only to find out some goods are missing. If the supplier or retailer is a good one, and if you write a complaint letter, they’ll figure out how to compensate you and you’ll probably get those missing goods.

Before you begin, release your anger and irritation, because you wouldn’t want it in the letter. Angry or threatening letters are not tolerated well, they’re usually shrugged off, because people believe the writer is overreacting.

Always keep the shipping documents handy, and make photocopies of them and attach them with your letter, and make an itemized list of all the missing items as well. It helps also if you have copies, or printouts if it’s an online order, of all pre-sale communication between you and the retailer, and attach them for reference.

You may be frustrated; however, if you maintain a calm and understanding tone, that will be more rewarding. If this is a recurring issue, then by all means, burn them down with your words. Here is how to do this:


Missing Goods Complaint Letter Sample



Morrisa Michaels
562 Forest Drive
Reston, VA 22070
(000) 456-4567

January 27, 2016

Mr. Thomas Gilmore
Gilmore Garments
2217 Illinois Avenue
Oregon City, OR 97045

Re: Complaint of Missing Items

Dear Mr. Gilmore:

Yesterday, I purchased some garments from your store worth over $300. I was very upset after finding out that my package was missing several goods. While the list on the package was complete, three of the items were not included in the package.

I have always enjoyed shopping from your store, and this has never happened before. I have attached a list of the missing items with this letter. If this was a slight mistake by one of your employees, then you will be able to pinpoint it by checking your inventory, because I certainly hope that the items were not stolen on the way.

I need this mess sorted before next month, as most of the items are gifts for my children whom I will be visiting soon. I can be contacted on my cellular phone at (000) 456-4567.

Waiting for your prompt response.




Morrisa Michaels
562 Forest Drive
Reston, VA 22070