Sample Letter of Invitation for Guest Speaker

By | November 4, 2014

Specific protocols need to be followed when inviting someone to speak at an event. An invitation phone call may do the trick but is not considered formal.

Writing a letter of invitation is less casual and gives the recipient time to think and prepare for the speech that he has been invited for.


Letters of invitation are sent out to people for many reasons; you may want someone knowledgeable about a particular topic to shed light at a seminar, or you may need someone’s presence because they will help you promote an event (or your company) because of their public standing.

Either way, you will need to send a formal invitation letter and ask for acceptance or rejection immediately. If you know whether the invitee cannot come to your event, you can make other arrangements.

A letter of invitation for asking a guest speaker to an event will hold information about the event primarily.

You will need to chart out the details of the event, the topic of discussion, and provide the invitee with some info on what you expect from them.


This will give them a chance to perform some research and prepare their speech accordingly.

Still stumped about what to write in a letter such as this? Have a look at this sample.


Guest Speaker Invitation Letter Sample


June 8, 2019

Ms. Shakira Welsof
Director of Communications and Marketing
Cougar Savers
89 Forest Park Street
Port Orchard, WA 92015

Re: Invitation to Speak at the World Wildlife Fund for Nature’s Endangered Animals Forum


Dear Mss. Wilson:

I would like to invite you to speak at the WWF Endangered Animals Forum on September 20 at 6 pm at the Port Orchard Auditorium. As you know, WWF has been active in conservation activities for many decades, and we are now trying to expand our scope for awareness by collaborating with other interested parties who have the same vision as ours.

This forum has been established with one purpose in mind – to save our natural heritage. Our prime concern at this point is to encourage people of Port Orchard to live in harmony with other living beings in the area. While not wholly an easy task, we have taken up this challenge, and we would like you to be part of it. The forum deliberations will be on the following areas:

✓ Saving wildlife in and around Port Orchard
✓ Educating people about living in harmony with their natural surroundings
✓ Discouraging unlawful cutting of plantation

We believe that your contribution will be very beneficial to our cause as you have been actively endorsing the importance of saving wildlife for many years. We would appreciate it if you would RSVP Miss Gale Heathers (forum secretary) at (000) 777-7777.



Mark Hamilton
Conservation Expert
920 Navigation Lane
Port Orchard, WA 72827