Sample Letter to Cancel Child Support

Cancellation of child support may be done for several reasons. While most custodial parents would not resort to cancelling child support that is keeping them afloat and their child secure, at times the circumstances do call for it. Even divorced parents sometimes make amends with each other and come upon a mutual agreement to support… Read More »

Modification of Child Support Letter Sample

Child support matters are perhaps the most tricky to handle in the event of a divorce. While an initial agreement may be set, charting out how much child support is to be paid, a modification can be made into the original agreement. This modification may come about if the custodial parent claims that her child’s… Read More »

Child Custody Agreement Letter Sample

Child custody matters can be quite a problem between divorcing / divorced parents. While many divorced couples do settle these matters amicably, there is always a chance that one or the other will back out and go to court asking for additional benefits as far as the child is concerned. When you get divorced, it… Read More »

Property Damage Incident Report Sample

There is no actual format that you can follow when writing a property damage incident report. Every organization has its own format which can be tweaked to meet the requirements, according to the incident. Most reports of this sort are form-based – an authorized personnel needs to fill out a form, the information from which… Read More »

Example of Character Reference Letter for Court

Example of character reference letter for court is a toughie. And that is because you are probably in a lot of hot water with the law. And even if it “wasn’t your fault”, well you still have to present one to the court if they have asked for it. So what goes into a character… Read More »

Child Support Payment Letter Sample

Overview A child support payment letter can be written following different angles. It may be issued by the parent who is due child support or from one who is paying the amount on a periodic basis. There are many different situation in which a child support payment letter can be written including: • Denying or… Read More »

Child Support Notarized Letter Sample

Overview A notarized letter is a document that may have been written by an individual but is signed and stamped by a notary, to provide a seal of genuine documentation. A child support notarized letter is one that denotes that the issuer of the letter is a genuine party and did not write the letter… Read More »

What is a Voluntary Child Support Agreement?

Divorce is a difficult time for both parties but not as difficult as it was for the children involved. Children usually suffer the brunt of a divorce even if the whole procedure is amicable. What comes to mind when a divorce is finalized is child support. In circumstances where everything is being done through the… Read More »

Sample Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter

Voluntary child support agreement letters are usually written by the breadwinner of a family in the event of a separation or a divorce. In circumstances where there are children involved, it is important to write a child support agreement so that their future is not at risk. By law, the father has to provide child… Read More »

Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter Sample

Once a divorce or a separation has been legally completed, it is time to think of child support. While most people follow the decision that the judge has made regarding child support, some may even agree to voluntarily pay child support without going through the rigmarole of courts and lawyers. While an agreement of this… Read More »

Character Reference Letter for Court

If you think that writing a character reference letter for a friend or a colleague is difficult, try writing one that will appear in court! Court character reference letters are requested primarily when a friend, neighbor or someone else known to you has (allegedly) broken the law and wants you to vouch for him /… Read More »

Child Support Agreement Letter between Parents

A child support agreement letter between parents is drawn by a mediator for the purpose of charting out what responsibilities each parent has after a divorce has been finalized. This agreement is part of a child support petition that a local family court will need from both parents so that things can be easier for… Read More »