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Registered Nurse Reference Letter Sample

The employment world of today is competitive like it has never been competitive before. Employers have a choice – they can bring on board people, carefully chosen from a huge pool of candidates and think nothing of the ones that haven’t been hired. It is the norm. Unfortunately, this does not give much confidence to… Read More »

Cleaner Reference Letter Sample

Isn’t it a complete treat coming back home to a clean environment? Or going in to work and finding that your office is dusted and everything is in its place? Well, you have your office or home cleaner to thank for that! And what better way to thank him / her than by writing a… Read More »

Sample Reference Letter for Babysitter

A reference letter completes your babysitting job application documents set. If you have one in your possession, chances of you acquiring a new babysitter job double as new employers like to know how well you have performed previously.   This letter should be favorable and written intending to helping a babysitter obtain new employment. After… Read More »

Reference Letter from Landlord

A reference letter from a landlord will be focused on one major thing, i.e., reliability. Reference letters of this type are usually written to provide the recipient with information on an individual’s character and his track record of paying rent timely.   Since all reference letters have common elements, it is usually easy to master… Read More »

Sample Reference Letter for a Friend

Almost all of us have had to write a reference letter for someone at some point in our lives. Even if the letter is not asked for in a professional capacity, you may be asked to write one for a friend in a personal capacity. It is easy to write a reference letter for someone… Read More »

Administrative Assistant Reference Letter Sample

Reference letters written for administrative assistants are usually focused on the candidates’ organizational and communication skills and their ability to work in varied work environments. A letter of this type is explicitly written to provide an ex-employee with an opportunity to work in a similar capacity in another organization.   Reference letters focus on candidates’… Read More »