Sample Reference Letter for a Friend

By | October 20, 2014

Almost all of us have had to write a reference letter for someone at some point in our lives. Even if the letter is not asked for in a professional capacity, you may be asked to write one for a friend in a personal capacity.

It is easy to write a reference letter for someone you have worked with, but it isn’t as easy to write one for a friend.


There are many considerations that one has to keep in mind.

It is often easy to carry the truth too far when writing a personal reference letter for a friend – after all, one wants one’s friend to be successful at whatever he is endeavoring to achieve.

Reference letters of any nature are considered official documents and should not be taken lightly. It is essential, to tell the truth, and not fudge crucial details.

You have your reputation to consider when you are writing a reference letter so it is best, to be honest, and modulate any bad points that your friend may have.


Since reference letters are optimistic documents, it is important to highlight the best in your friend.

There are many circumstances where you may be asked to write a reference letter for a friend – accommodation purposes are probably top of the list. The example below can be followed to write a reference letter of this nature.


Sample Reference Letter for a Friend


Mr. Collin Bean
128 Hen Street
Chicago, IL 63792

June 7, 2019


Dear Mr. Bean:

I am extremely pleased to write this reference letter for my friend Gregory Doe. Since I have practically grown up with Gregory, I have been through all the ups and downs of his life and have seen his transformation from a timid twelve-year-old to a confident and successful adult.

Gregory and I have traveled together extensively, and it is during these instances that I got to know him well. He is a very responsible individual with a positive outlook on life. He is always willing to take the lead where adverse or difficult situations are concerned, and his judgment is excellent. During the short stint that we worked together on a freelance video project, I found him to be full of enthusiasm and innovative ideas, which became the reason of our project’s success.

As his friend and confidante, I vouch for his dependability and responsible personality. I firmly believe that he will be an excellent paying guest as he is sure to live and act maturely and will not pose a burden to your privacy. If the need arises, please feel free to contact me at (000) 965-8956.



Shawn Stone
21 South Street
Austin, TX 32511
(000) 965-8956