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Note to Parents for Holiday

Working in a school office, you will be asked to write letters of all sorts – and that too quite often. One type of letter that is written on many occasions is a holiday note. Dodgy political circumstances or bad weather are usually the two main reasons for giving days off from school. A school… Read More »

Labor Day Holiday Note

Labor Day holiday is something that we all look forward to. While it may mean something completely different for some people, most consider it a holiday that they can use to enjoy voluntary confinement to their houses, or pay visits to recreational places. The excitement associated with Labor Day is almost electric, with people making… Read More »

School Closed Letter to Parents

Usually, schools have all their holidays planned out in a term calendar, which is given to all parents at the beginning of a term. This is to make sure that parents are aware of the holidays that they are entitled to and that queries to the school office regarding this issue are limited. However, there… Read More »

Feedback Letter about Child Development from School

Child development feedback isn’t something that you will see a lot of schools provide. However, schools that are conscientious and concerned about their students make sure that parents are made aware of any development issues or milestones that their child is going through. A feedback letter about child development is usually sent by a school… Read More »

Letter to Teacher about Incomplete Homework

You must have heard of teachers writing letters to parents about missing or incomplete homework. But have you ever heard of a parent writing one to a teacher telling her that his or her child’s homework is incomplete? Doesn’t usually happens does it? Actually, it does. Many situations transpire that may leave a parent with… Read More »

Holiday Letter for Students

Preschools and elementary schools write holiday letters to students’ parents because younger children are not usually responsible enough to understand or retain the information if it is addressed to them. For older students such as those in high school or college, school administration may just write the letter to them instead of placing parents in-between.… Read More »

Holiday Letter to Parents from Teacher

It is that time of the year when teachers contact parents to let them know about the holidays. With so much going on – Christmas and New Year less than a few weeks away and end of the term activities and exams – you may feel overwhelmed at being asked to write a letter (all… Read More »

Classroom Holiday Party Letter to Parents (Sample 2)

End of year / term parties are all the rage nowadays. Most schools mark the beginning of holidays with a celebration – exams are over and done with and it is time to celebrate for both students and teachers who have spent some pretty harrowing months studying and teaching! But wait! You cannot organize a… Read More »

Sample End of Year Party Letter to Parents

End of the year parties are as much fun for teachers as they are for students. The bittersweet time when students are moving on to a new class and teachers look forward to a new crop of children to nurture and teach, is celebrated with parties that provide both students and teachers with time to… Read More »

Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child Sickness

Many schools have a no tolerance policy when it comes to their students taking time off. However, some situations do warrant time off from school – like an illness. During an illness – whether it is chronic or acute – it is not sensible to send your child to school. But if you intend to… Read More »

Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child’s Behavior

No one likes unruly children – especially a teacher who is striving hard to instill discipline in her students. But if it is your child who is disrupting a class, you may need to write a letter to his class teacher, detailing why this is happening. Obtaining feedback from teachers on occasional basis is all… Read More »

Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child’s Grades

Would you believe it if you were told that writing an “old fashioned” letter to your child’s teacher about his or her grades, will get you great feedback? It is true. Communication is the “in” thing now and teachers actually appreciate being approached by parents, even if it is through standard letters. So if you… Read More »