Outstanding Payment Collection Letter Sample

By | January 23, 2017

It feels really weird to ask a customer or client to pay their outstanding bill. Generally saying, there isn’t anyone who would find the act of recovering money owed pleasant, but it’s the job; one that demands writing letters for the purpose of collecting outstanding payments every day.

Such a letter needs to be formal, serious and brief, and addressed to the relevant person of authority, and mentioning the required amount of money, date last installment, and outstanding amount left. Inform them of the procedures and measures to make paying easy for them, and know that there’s always a reason behind their delay in paying the debt so, be kind, and show understanding of their circumstances.

Here’s a sample leter to demonstrate how to do this:


Outstanding Payment Collection Letter Sample


Jessie Mullins
Spencer Convenient Store
524 West Street
Fremont, CA 24155
(000) 524-8544
Jessie @ email . com

January 23, 2017

Mary S. David
735 Alexander Avenue
Fremont, CA 94539


Dear Ms. David:

It has come to our notice that there still remains an outstanding amount on your tab from last month, which is overdue and has not been paid yet. As you have been our customer for a really long time, we wanted to inform you that you have to pay Spencer Convenient Store $299.99 for the groceries you bought on Friday, October 21, 2016, and you are overdue!

The last payment we received from you was on Tuesday, December 10, 2016, this means that the total outstanding payment left that you have to pay is $199.99. We know that you, as a reliable and valued customer, you will pay us eventually, but as the accounts process works on certain principals to ensure we are always able to provide our customers with the best experience, which means great customer service enabled by timely and full payments. Therefore, we would really appreciate that you pay the remaining outstanding payment as soon as it is possible for you.

You can pay us via credit card by calling xxx-xxx-xxxx. You can also pay by directly depositing the money at (insert band name), and the account number is (insert account number). And please make sure to put your full name in the deposited-by field on the form, if you are paying via direct deposit.

We understand the circumstances that you are in right now, and hope everything turns for the better for you. We are really looking forward for an effective response from you.

Thank you,


Jessie Mullins
Spencer Convenient Store