Sample Letter of Complaint for Faulty Goods

By | February 8, 2015

If the goods that you have received from a vendor are faulty, you should launch a complaint immediately. On the other hand, write in a pleasant manner in order to maintain your relationship with the vendor.

As you begin writing a complaint letter for faulty goods, organize the facts properly. How serious is the nature of the complaint? Have faulty goods made a negative impact on your work?

You can refer to a vendor agreement that you may have signed that dictates that goods should be of good quality if you want your case to be expedited. You can ask for a replacement or a repair depending on the type of item and as per the information stated in the contract.


Sample Letter of Complaint for Faulty Goods


Kim Sham
Procurement Manager
Stetson Inc
100 W 889 S
Salt Lake City, UT 71635
Tel: (444) 444-4444

February 8, 2015

Jayden Smith
Verizon Solutions
926 W 8890 S
Salt Lake City, UT 61735


Dear Mr. Smith:

Stetson Inc has been obtaining technical solutions from Verizon Solutions for the previous 10 years and have not been disappointed until now. The shipment of 100 keyboards that we received from you on February 2 is not up to the mark and we would like to bring this issue to your notice.

We tested the first 33 keyboards and all had the same problem with them – the space key does not work. It seems to be manufacturing fault that was not tested before shipment. We did not have the time to open all 100 boxes and test all keyboards – I am assuming that the entire lot is faulty.

Please note that we have a deadline on which we need to install all workstations in the new wing and we cannot do this until we have perfect keyboards. I would appreciate it if you visit us and help us resolve this matter immidiately. Ideally, a fresh shipment of keyboards in working condition will resolve the issue.

I anticipate that you will resolve our problem without any delay.


Best regards,


Kim Sham