Insurance Claim Letter for Mobile

By | February 8, 2015

Most of us keep our valuables insured due to the fear of theft or breakdown – including mobile phones. In this day and age, we depend highly on our mobile phones for a lot of information such as contacts, notes, pictures and documents and losing a smart mobile can mean the end of the world!

However, the blow of losing a newly purchased mobile phone can be eased somewhat if our insurance carrier covers repair or replacement of the device. All you have to do is to write a claim letter to your insurance company and explain the circumstances in which you lost your mobile. Looking through your insurance papers before you write is a good idea so that you know whether you are partially or fully covered under your insurance policy.

What to include in letter?

With an insurance claim letter, you will need to provide evidence that your mobile has indeed been stolen or broken. The evidence may include photographs of the broken phone or a burglary report which the insurance carrier can look through to decide if the insurance claim should be honored. You may want to refer to a clause in the insurance agreement that refers to loss or theft of a gadget such as a mobile to expedite your claim payment.

Below is an insurance claims letter written after theft of a mobile phone. Have a look:


Insurance Claim Letter for Mobile


Owen Wilson
44 7th Street
Clinton Township, MI 42535
(000) 999-0987
owen @ email . com

September 18, 2015

Mr. Kenneth Walters
Claims Officer
Insure Everything
89 Hillcrest Road
Clinton Township, MI 45262


Dear Mr. Walters:

As I mentioned in my telephone call to you yesterday, I had recently bought a Sony Xperia M2 Aqua handset for $270 and had only used it for three days when I lost it. I believe someone quietly broke into my house on Monday October 14, 2015 and lifted it off my desk.

My service carrier has informed me that the handset was last used on Cape Drive after which it has been switched off. For all we know, the perpetrator may not even be in Clinton Township anymore – the police is looking into it but have not given me any feedback on how long it will take them to trace it – or if they can even trace it considering the circumstances.

As I looked into my insurance policy documents, I found out that I am covered for theft of my gadgets including mobile phones. My work as a construction supervisor means that I have to work on different sites (some as far as 100 miles away from my office) for which I need to be accessible at all times. Needless to say, I need a mobile phone on an immediate basis.

I have attached copies of receipt of newly purchased mobile phone along with the police report for your benefit. I would appreciate it if you could settle my claim as soon as possible to enable me to buy a new handset so that I can work unhindered.

I would appreciate a prompt action in this regard.




Owen Wilson
Policy # 72360-OW-173