Sample Letter to Tenant about Complaint of Noises

By | February 9, 2015

It is a blessing to be able to find a responsible tenant but not everyone is lucky in this manner. While tenants provide us with an income (rent), they can become a nuisance if they do not realize their moral responsibility towards the landlord or the place they are inhabiting. Many times, landlords come across annoying situations in which they have no choice but to write a complaint letter to their tenants and ask them to refrain from indulging in activities that may disturb others.

No one likes noise especially during the odd hours of the night. But if the neighbors around your property have complained about too much noise coming from your rented property, it is time to take action. The first thing you will need to do is to write a complaint letter to your tenant. Your letter should not sound rude but it should be firm. After all, it is your property and you have a right to dictate what goes on in it!

Typically, a complaint letter should chart out what circumstances led to the complaint and possible suggestions to ensure that those circumstances do not transpire again. You may or may not want to provide your tenant with a warning, depending on your relationship with him but you do need to be eloquent.

The following sample tenant complaint letter may help you.

Sample Letter to Tenant about Complaint of Noises

February 9, 2015

Mr. Alexander Mason
887 Lamar Avenue
Overland Park, KS 82635


Dear Mr. Mason:

I would like to bring to your notice that I have received several complaints from your neighbors regarding loud music coming from your house at all odd hours of the night. Please refer to the lease agreement (copy enclosed) made between us and duly signed by you which states that “under no circumstances will the tenant pose any inconvenience to the landlord or neighbors”.

I understand that your work as a musician warrants that you play music at your house and you are well within your means to do this. However, we agreed that you will have your music room properly soundproofed before you begin playing sessions or call in friends for jamming sessions. I take it for granted that this soundproofing has not been carried out yet which is why I am receiving these complaints.

If you like, you can contact Mr. Kyle Manson who is a professional at installing acoustics. He will be able to help you out as far as a solution to this noise is concerned. I would appreciate it if you would get this sorted on an immediate basis and refrain from playing music too loudly until the soundproofing is completed.




Ulysses Irwin
Tel: (999) 999-9999