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Letter of Complaint for Missing Goods

Nothing can spoil the excitement of ordering something, only to find out some goods are missing. If the supplier or retailer is a good one, and if you write a complaint letter, they’ll figure out how to compensate you and you’ll probably get those missing goods. Before you begin, release your anger and irritation, because you… Read More »

Complaint Letter to Lender for Violating Law

It is not only borrowers who violate laws at time – lenders have also been known to violating the law by indulging into nefarious activities – or even mistakenly. In such an event when you have been subjected to a violation of this sort, the best way to sort it out is by writing a… Read More »

Sample Complaint Letter to Landlord about Leakage

It is a blessing to have your own house. Even if you have to make repairs, well, it is your own house! But when you are a tenant somewhere, it often becomes a headache to handle repairs. The good news is that you do not have to make repairs yourself unless it is specifically charted… Read More »

Sample Letter of Complaint to Landlord for Repairs

You may have heard landlords complaining about the state of affairs at the property that they have rented out – mostly putting down tenants and their carelessness. This actually goes two ways. While tenants are responsible for ensuring that the house they have rented is kept in good repair, it is also the responsibility of… Read More »

Complaint Letter to Airline about Damaged Luggage

Travelling the world is an awesome experience. The different mediums through which we travel show us the world in a light we have never seen before. But travelling does not come without its fair share of challenges – like your luggage being damaged. Yes, whichever means you travel through, you may be subjected to this… Read More »

Sample Noise Complaint Letter to Neighbor

Approaching a noisy neighbor is something that requires tact – you do not want to appear offensive and at the same time, you need to resolve this problem. If you are living in an apartment, you may get along with other neighbors going through the same problem and sign a petition. A confrontation can be unpleasant… Read More »

Sample Tenant Complaint Letter to Landlord

Renting a place means that your landlord is responsible for most of the maintenance of the house. So if your rented house needs repair or maintenance, you should send a formal complaint to your landlord. In your complaint letter, provide details of the situation that has forced you to write the letter. It could be a leaky roof… Read More »

Sample Letter to Tenant about Complaint of Noises

It is a blessing to be able to find a responsible tenant but not everyone is lucky in this manner. While tenants provide us with an income (rent), they can become a nuisance if they do not realize their moral responsibility towards the landlord or the place they are inhabiting. Many times, landlords come across… Read More »

Sample Letter of Complaint for Faulty Goods

If the goods that you have received from a vendor are faulty, you should launch a complaint immediately. On the other hand, write in a pleasant manner in order to maintain your relationship with the vendor. As you begin writing a complaint letter for faulty goods, organize the facts properly. How serious is the nature of the… Read More »

Sample Letter of Response to Customer Complaint

You cannot risk losing any of the customers who have given you good business over the years, or even ones who have just become customers. To maintain goodwill, you need to make sure that you provide them with excellent service and ensure their satisfaction at all times.   However, this is not always possible. We… Read More »