Free Sample Letter of Concern to Your Boss

By | December 14, 2014

It is amazing how many opportunities we seem to forgo to write letters of concern in an office environment. While you cannot write a letter of concern every time you are in a quandary about something, it is not a bad idea to write one when the situation demands it. If you have been presented with a situation where you have come across information that you believe may be harmful for your company, a letter of concern should be written to your boss.

Similarly, if you are unhappy about your current employment status, you can also write a letter to your boss, voicing your concerns. On the other hand, a letter of concern can also be written if you are concerned about your boss regarding something professional. Sometimes, it is in everyone’s best interest if you voice your concern and ask for advice from your boss. Remember that a letter of concern is not a complaint letter so it is best to refrain from complaining about a coworker or a tight deadline.

What follows is a free sample letter of concern to your boss that you can use to write your own.

Free Sample Letter of Concern to Your Boss


December 14, 2014


Mr. John Stamos
Project Director
Infor Global Solutions
67 Allegheny Street
Follansbee, WV 27163


Dear Mr. Stamos:

With the effective takeoff of the Dolphin Project and the subsequent successes that we have been blessed with, there has been a significantly positive effect on the team’s motivation. Recently however, I have noticed a plunge in the team’s overall confidence which is of much concern to me.

I believe that many factors have contributed to this and it is shattering to see them not work with as much fervor as they did initially. A recent incident which involved one of the team members’ slackness in writing the periodic project report ended in a near catastrophe that almost resulted in us losing the funding for this project. It is actually this incident that has forced me to bring this whole situation to your notice.

At the moment, I do not believe that anything major has happened that will keep the Dolphin Project from being successful but if do not address this issue right now, it may escalate to a point where we might not be able to guarantee the project’s success. In view if this, I would like to meet with you so that we can discuss what steps need to be taken to handle this situation with sensitivity. I look forward to your standpoint on this situation.

Thank you,



Kenneth Bentley
Project Manager
Infor Global Solutions
(000) 000-9999
kenneth @ email . com