Personal Injury Settlement Demand Letter Example

By | October 25, 2014

The settlement culture in the United States is at an all-time high at this point; people know their rights, and they are not shy to let others know!

Owing to this increase in awareness, many personal injury cases have transpired over the years – cases that require immediate settlements.


The victims of slippery sidewalks, medical malpractices or car accidents are by law allowed to ask for settlement for the injury that they have suffered and the associated medical costs.

This type of letter is usually written to the adjuster at the offender’s insurance company with a copy addressed to the offender.

Some of the critical things that we must keep in mind when drafting a personal injury settlement demand letter include:

  • A brief synopsis of facts surrounding the circumstances that led to injury
  • Details of lost wages due to injury
  • List of out-of-pocket expenses on the victim’s part
  • A detailed list of injuries and associated medical costs
  • Information about the offender’s insurance company
  • Settlement demand amount

Once you have all these in front of you, you will have a clearer picture of what you want.

Remember that a settlement letter of this sort is only written once the victim has recovered from the injury and can vouch for all the expenses and mental trauma that he or she has been through.

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Personal Injury Settlement Demand Letter Example


67 Stafford Drive
Princeton Jct, NJ 88727
Cellular: (658) 000-0000

June 8, 2019

Mr. Cody Sampson
Norton Horts Insurance
6533 Humming Street
PrincetonJct, NJ 72939

CC: Mr. Gordon Miller
998 Kim Way
Princeton Jct, NJ 72829

For Settlement Purposes Only

On May 25, 2019, I was severely injured in a car accident by Mr. Gordon Miller (whose primary insurance company is Norton Horts Insurance) who slammed into my car from the left at Jackson Street intersection. My car spun around two times before it hit one of the lampposts, the impact of which managed to bend the door on the driver’s seat and break one of my ribs.

Mr. Miller is obviously responsible for the accident as he was driving much too fast for an intersection, and he had also not abided by the traffic rules by ignoring the red light. I have enclosed pictures of the damage my car was subjected to along with a DVD of the CCTV footage of a nearby security camera that recorded everything that had transpired that day so that you can gauge the situation further.

As a result of this collision, I had multiple injuries, including:

  • Whiplash in the neck
  • The fractured index finger of my right hand
  • Displaced disc in the vertebrae
  • A muscle tear in my left thigh

I was admitted to the Mary May Hospital for fifteen days to recover and could not work for that time duration. I was released by the hospital three days ago with strict instructions for complete bed rest for two months, which means in total, I have lost ten weeks’ worth of earnings.

Please refer to the enclosed medical record sheet issued from the Mary May Hospital which holds information on all the expenses that were incurred during my stay there. It comes to a total of $822 if added to the amount of lost income ($15 an hour for 8 hours of work, five days a week) of $6000 becomes $6822 that your client owes me.

Please let me know if you need further information from me to support my claim here.



Gary Cooper
67 Stafford Drive
Princeton Jct, NJ 88727
Cellular: (658) 000-0000